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Anonymous asked:

Soo I just finished rereading some of my fav. completed fics & i must say Those Three Words, Love Games, Unexpected, and Something New are iconic in LT ficland [my opin.] But i want to let these ladies know y'all got talent & please dont stop writing I've read y'all stories from the beginning twice & it never gets old. Thanks for sharing your gift and making me lose hours of sleep. I appreciate it! Sorry I came on this blog to get this message out to all of them, thank you for posting it. -Kay.


lol. Noted and I agree wholeheartedly. 

The Shhh Archives: Somebody Please Talk Me Out Of This!!


I’m at work…in a hearing…and this lady has the craziest story ever!! I swear I just got inspired to write another fic. But I really should not be writing anymore fics right now.

I’m rocking back and forth in the corner trying to fight the urge. Can…

That’s actually a great idea. Maybe I just need to write it (not post it) to get it out of my system. It’s still there, and I’m still fighting the urge. Lol

The Shhh Archives: New Fic


So I was watching this movie tonight, right. And I sorta, kinda got inspired to write a new fic. I’m downplaying it so much right now…I got really inspired!! My heart was beating so fast from excitement I got to writing immediately! For now, it’s going to be a…

^^^Oooh, classic movie right there! I get inspired by the slightest things. It could be a conversation I overhear, a lyric in a song, a melody, the weather. I’m weird. Lol What’s funny is if you watch the movie that inspired me, you’d scratch your head and wonder how it could’ve inspired this type of story. Lol

venusinthefifth asked:

There are no words I can use to describe the excitement I feel over the sequel! When I saw that preview I was practically bouncing in my seat. I have a love/hate relationship in this saga! Oh--and you couldn't pay me to be Larry right about now...

I don’t think anyone wants to be Larry right I think I might post the first chapter today. Don’t hold me to that, though. Lol

itsiesha asked:

Every sentence had me wanting more and more. Idk how Lau's going to take the news of Larry fucking and impregnating his ex. When Lau confronts nichelle it's going to be big. I feel for Lylah, but she did abort the baby and Larry still doesn't know.

When Lau finds out…oh man…that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

Can Lau suck Nichelle back in again? Idk, we’ll see

Every last thing is going to be revealed in this one. So expect LOTS of pain.

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